We know that Inmate Collect Calls are very expensive. Long distance collect calls from Jail or Prison cost even more! We help you reduce those charges by providing you a local phone number to the facility of your loved one. Save Up to 80% on your phone bill

No Need To Change Your Phone Number

We provide your loved one with their own personal LOCAL PHONE NUMBER that is linked to your Landline or Mobile phone number. They then add (the local number we provided) to their authorized calling list at the facility they are in.

Setup an account with us and receive a local phone number to the correction facility of your choice. We will give you a new phone number which is LOCAL to your inmate's facility.

Provide the local number given to you as your outbound number with correctional facility. If required, contact the prison phone provider and setup a pre-paid account. Your loved one can now utilize the number provided by us to call out from their correctional facility. You receive the call as you did before to your existing phone or cell phone. Simply pick up the call and start saving!

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We specialized in helping family save their hard earned money. Customers can contact our 24 hour Customer Service Centre or log-on to our fully integrated website to report and resolve problems, we pride ourselves in providing world class long distance calling service bundled with International Voice roaming - at unmatched rates!.

We understand that ordering Inmate Phone Service online is not something you do every day. We are here to help you along the way. 24 hours Customer Service Support Line 1-919-348-4568

  • Unlimited minutes
  • No per Minute charges
  • Free Activation
  • Works with home or cell
  • Live Support
  • No Hidden Fees
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