By being LOCAL to the jail is the only way to avoid the costly long distance per minute fees. The closer you are to the jail the less that the payphone company charge for each phone call.Most facilities charge .50 cents for a normal 15 minute local call. However, when the call is long distance / out of state the rate by the minute varies dramatically. We have seen fees from .30cents A MINUTE! to over $2.00 A MINUTE!
No Need To Change Your Phone Number. We will provide your loved one with their own personal LOCAL PHONE NUMBER that is linked to your Landline or Mobile phone number. They then add (the local number we provided) to their authorized calling list at the facility they are in.
Yes, for the most part you will need to setup a prepaid account with the number we will provide to you. The payphone company inside of the jail will only charge to connect the call to our number. with usually about 50 cents to $2 per call. We promise to save your 50% to 80% less on your current collect call. You do not need to setup up a prepaid account for Federal Inmates
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